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GNDR Regional Meeting in Laos PDR

admin - Dec 04, 2018 05:03:38 pm 5 Views Location - GNDR, Laos

In 27 & 28 November 2018, RDI attended the Regional Advisory Group Meeting held by Global Network of Civil Society for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) in Laos. This meeting was attended by RDI (Indonesia), Yakkum Emergency Unit (Indonesia), Center for Disaster Preparedness Foundation (Phillippines), and other representatives from Vietnam and Myanmar. During the first session, RDI collaborated with YEU to present about the recent earthquake in Palu, Central Sumatera. The attendees also asked some questions on why the Government of Indonesia forbid foreign volunteers to conduct response-related activities in Palu.

Picture 1. Day One (Meeting with DRR Actor's Lao

After the first session, RDI had an interesting meeting with DRR actor’s Lao, the National Disaster Management Agency discussing approaches towards Disaster Risk Reduction. An interactive discussion on the response conducted towards flash flood disaster due to broken dam.

Picture 2. Day Two (During Presentation)

On the second day, the GNDR secretariat explained the update of its programs, and also explained its priorities. Afterward, the meeting continued with adoption of the new RAR ToR and the secretariat also informed the attendees about the community platform and the accountability mechanism. The secretariat also explained that the Community Platform can be used by RAG and GNDR members in respective countries. The secretariat also explain thoroghly on the new ToR for RAG and how with this ToR every region have the same framework. Concerns were also dicussed on how every country will only have one NFP, and the two NFP of Indonesia will change in the future.

Picture 3. Day Two (Reflection about the DRR in Laos by one of Representative from Vietnam)

On this meeting, RDI and YEU as NFP of Indonesia also planned several activities to implement in the National Level in 2019 such as:
1. Recategorization old member
2. Creating National Group at Community Platform
3. Sharing this meeting through Community Platform
4. Quarterly Sharing and Consultation through community platform
5. Recruitment New Member
6. National Coordinating Meeting.


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