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GNDR-VFL Consultative Meeting

admin - Dec 11, 2018 05:12:17 pm 9 Views Location - Disaster Oasis Training Center, Yogyakarta

On the 11th of January 2019, RDI was invited to take part in the GNDR Pre-VFL survey Consultative Meeting held by YEU in the Disaster Oasis Training Center, Yogyakarta. The meeting served as a medium where multiple CSOs can state their case on where the survey should take place, according to each of the CSOs knowledge and experiences. The CSOs are acknowledged as advisors and contributors to the VFL survey. The VFL survey, short for View from the Front Lines, is an action research survey that is done to monitor to what extent the inclusion and collaboration between at-risk communities, CSOs, and governments are strengthened. The results of the survey will be used to increase community-based resilience, build more collaboration between the aforementioned entities and facilitate community action by utilizing local perspectives regarding disaster risk. The target of the survey will be focused on a total of 15 villages chosen from 3 or 4 districts/cities that are aligned with BNPB's list of priority disaster-risk areas. It will target community members, actors, CSOs, and government agencies/offices.

Aside from determining the target of the survey, the CSOs that took part in the meeting were also asked to identify whether they or respective partners are able to lead the execution of the VFL survey. Due to the nature of the target villages being spread out across several cities/districts, it would be extremely useful and important if the survey was done by organizations who are familiar with the target area. YEU and GNDR also expressed their willingness for the survey to be aligned with the CSOs ongoing projects/programs to increase efficiency and reduce additional overhead budget expenses. Several areas that were identified in the meeting are: Banten, due to their recent tsunami disaster; Bandung, due to the presence of an active fault in the city; Central Java, due to the presence of active volcanoes, proneness to tsunamis and earthquakes; and Maluku Islands, to determine the level of disaster response to two provinces that is made up of roughly 1027 islands, most of which are sparsely populated. The areas that were identified are awaiting further confirmation.


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