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Views from the Frontline Survey

admin - Mar 15, 2019 05:40:11 pm 24 Views Location - Bandung, Indonesia

On 7 February and 9 February 2019, RDI team conducted the Views from the Frontline (VFL) survey as part of Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) effort in conducting a forward-looking monitoring process that supports an inclusive people-centred approaches to DRR. Data collection was conducted using a set of questionnaire utilized through the OpenDataKit (ODK) software. The topic of this survey orbited around risk reduction efforts towards disasters and climate change, including the assessment of the extent of involvement of communities in risk reduction, and also the perception of those communities towards the degree of involvement and effectivity of disaster reduction by the local government.

Picture 1. Durring Survey

The areas which our team have surveyed includes: Bandung City (Ciumbeuluit Sub-District & Tamansari Sub-District), and Bandung District (Cisarua Sub-District & Pagerwangi Sub-District). The total respondent of our questionnaire have added up to 532 households, which are focused on communities which had lived in those areas. In the following weeks, a Focus Group Discussion will also be held in order to further assess the preparedness of communities and identify gaps to be filled by future risk reduction efforts conducted by the local government, CSOs, and the community themselves.


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