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RDI Involvement in the Finalization of the Roadmap for the 2022-2024 Disaster Safe Education Unit (SPAB) Program – Safe School

admin - Nov 24, 2020 04:49:53 pm 105 Views Location - Ministry of Education and Culture

On Monday, 23rd November 2020, RDI has participated in the Discussion Meeting on the Finalization of the Roadmap for the 2020-2024 Disaster Safe Education Unit (SPAB) Program which was organized by the Directorate of Community Education and Special Education, Ministry of Education and Culture. Because the Covid-19 pandemic situation has not improved, this event is held both online and offline while still paying attention to health protocols. This meeting was first opened with remarks from the Chairperson of the 2 National Secretariat for Safe School of the Ministry of Education and Culture, then continued by the presentation of the results of the review of 2020-2024 Safe School Program Roadmap Design by Mr. Yusra Tebe as the representative of RDI. After that, It was continued with a discussion on the Finalization of the Plan for 2020-2024 Safe School Road Map by Mr. Wahyu Kuncoro from UNICEF and Mr. Yusra Tebe from RDI. Then in the final session continued with the recommendations and follow-up from Mr. Janaka. The Safe School Program Discussion Meeting also invited the majority of parties from the Directorate of Community Education and Special Education and the Directorate of Disaster Mitigation of the National Disaster Management Agency. In addition, this meeting was also attended by several representatives od both national and international organizations such as Wahana Visi Indonesia, Save the Children Indoneisa, Kerlip Association, Plan International Indonesia, Predikt, MPBI, Yayasan Kausa Resiliensi Indonesia, and the Kwartir Nasional Gerakan Pramuka.

The Safe School (SPAB) Program has been implemented in Indonesia for more than a decade, with achievements up to 2020 having been implemented in more than 27,000 education units which have or are currently implementing the program. The number of education units referred to is still very small of the total number of education units, namely more that 526,000 education units in areas prone to disaster locations. The core objective of the Safe School program is to protect education unit society from the adverse effects of disasters, including ensuring the continuity of education services in emergency situations and restoring the functions of post-disaster education units. The final result of this meeting is that the Safe School document has been revised according to input and proofread from the various parties above involved.


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