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The Virtual Launching Event of the Second Edition of AHA Centre’s ARMOR & AHA Centre’s 9 th Anniversary Event

admin - Nov 30, 2020 10:21:32 am 56 Views Location - AHA Centre in the Virtual Launching

On 19 th November 2020, RDI attended an invitation from AHA Centre in the virtual launching event of the 2nd Edition of ASEAN Risk Monitor and Disaster Management Review (ARMOR): "Time is Running Out: Why ASEAN Must Act Now against Climate Emergencies?". This discussion aims to advance the publication objectives in providing authorised information specifically regarding the ASEAN region. Based on the first edition of ARMOR which provided a baseline that second addition previously built in identifying change and patterns that occurred over the past year, leading to evidence-based conclusions and recommendations for specific Member States and their national circumstances. This 2 nd edition of ARMOR represents a vital second step in establishing a consistent disaster management in the ASEAN region. This event was conducted virtually and was moderated by the Executive Director of the AHA Centre, Ms. Adelina Kamal, and was continued with discussion sessions with several panellists related to the several articles in the 2 nd edition of ARMOR. One of them is Dr. Mizan Bisri, RDI Senior Fellow that is also a Postdoctoral researcher at the United Nations University for the Advanced Study of of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) and the University of Tokyo. He contributed to the ARMOR 2 nd edition, with his paper titled: Real and Present Danger: What Does a 1.5 oC Increase Mean to ASEAN. It summaries the latest assessments and outlook of climate change impacts in the ASEAN region and includes overviews of important points from subsequent chapters. It was continued by several other panellists, namely LA Dimailig, an Assistant Director for Disaster Monitoring and Anlysis of the AHA Centre, who presented the paper entitled "The threat Multiplier: Climate Change and Disaster Riskscape in ASEAN". This paper wass formed of the importance of disaster risk assessment in the region, and outlined how each country's risk profile has changed over time since the previous ARMOR report.

The event was then continued by the third speaker, Keith Landicho, the Disaster Monitoring and Analysis Officer at the AHA Centre, with his paper entitled "Food at Risk: The Repercussions of Climate Change and Drought in the Lower Mekong Region", who explored the relationship between drought and food insecurity in the Lower Mekong region, demonstrating how the available tools in the affected countries can help improve decision- making processes and address impacts of drought resulting from climate change. Then the last presentation was from Dr. Joseph Green, the Director of Applied of the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC), with a paper entitled "Understanding Drought: When to Sound the Alarm?" Its discussed the challenges posed by drought and how to apply a proactive approach through the use of risk assessments, early warning services, risk financing, and adaptive capacity. The discussion session also presented the commentators, the first one was Dr. Riyanti Djalante, head of the Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (DMHA) Division of the ASEAN Secretariat, and the other one was Dr. Muamar Vebry, the Program Manager for Climate Change for the European Union Mission to ASEAN.The launching event also invited several Academic and Research Institution such as the ASEAN Studies Center of Gadjah Mada University and the University of Indonesia, the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS), the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, World Resources Institute, and othe Academic and Research Institutions.

Along with the Launching event of ARMOR 2nd edition publication, on 20th November 2020 RDI also attended the celebration of AHA Centre 9 th Anniversary Partnership Forum, with the theme "Transforming through Uncertainty". In this forum, RDI is here to celebrate the 9 years of partnership that has been running and to discuss Renewed Collaboration and Future Partnerships. Therefore, RDI hereby wishes AHA Centre a Happy 9 th Anniversary, with the hope that it will continue to build productive collaborations for transforming the uncertainty of the future by continuing to uphold the values and goals the AHA Centre upholds.

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