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Partners for Inclusion: Localising Inclusive Humanitarian Response (PIONEER)

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From Monday, November 1st until Thursday, November, 5th 2021, Resilient Development Initiative (RDI) was participating in a second workshop for Partners for Inclusion: Localising Inclusive Humanitarian Response (PIONEER) project.


         PIONEER project is created in collaboration between 4 boards, which are Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) Indonesia and the Philippines, Advocacy for Disability Inclusion (AUDISI), Humanitarian Forum Indonesia (HFI), and Resilience Development Initiative (RDI). This project is also supported by Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) Elrha from Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office - sFCDO) England.  The 4 partnership boards next will be called 'PIONEER Management', meaning that they are responsible for implementing, piloting, and assessing the effectiveness of the project.

The purpose of this project is to build localized inclusive humanitarian responses through partnerships between Disabled Persons Organizations, or Organisasi Penyandang Disabilitas (OPDis), Elderly Groups, and local humanitarian agencies in Sigi District, Central Sulawesi Province, and Magelang District, Central Java Province, through a model called the PIONEER Model. This will also be done by involving 'PIONEER members', which include organizations of persons with disabilities in each district.

In the PIONEER project, ASB has the role of the leader of the PIONEER consortium and coordinates directly with the funder (ELRHA). On the other hand, AUDISI takes a role as an advocacy organization on disability issues and in engagement with Disabled Persons Organizations (OPDIS) in Magelang and Sigi Districts. This OPDIS will later engage as a "PIONEER member" and their entrance is through AUDISI. Meanwhile, HFI takes part as a humanitarian response networking organization, which has a role in engagement with humanitarian response organizations in Magelang and Sigi districts. These selected humanitarian response organizations will later become "PIONEER members" as well and their entry point is through HFI. Last but not least, RDI plays the role of a research institution that takes part in the development and implementation of baseline and end-line studies. The purpose is to measure the effectiveness of the implementation of the PIONEER project. For now, RDI has already completed the baseline tools and is awaiting the results of the "PIONEER members" selection from HFI and AUDISI colleagues. After that, RDI will continue the interviews and FGDs processes.

PIONEER Project Workshop

The first workshop of the PIONEER Project was held from September 20th until September 24th, 2021, where it discussed the Preparation of the Pioneer Project Work Plan Strategy. There were 3 objectives of the previous workshop, which were to finalize and test modules (Work Packages), finalize the pioneer project framework document, and finalize plans and division of labor as well as formulate strategies for implementing the PIONEER mechanism. 

Meanwhile, this second workshop discussed the Formulation of Meaningful Participation Indicators and Inclusive Localization in Humanitarian Response. There were several topics discussed in order to achieve the goal. On the first day of the workshop, it discussed The definition of meaningful participation, The main indicators (higher level) of meaningful participation and its scope, and Operational Indicators of meaningful participation at the level of PIONEER Management, PIONEER Members and the Community. The next day, it discussed the Presentation of localization (7 Dimensions of Localization) in humanitarian preparedness and response including preparedness, and the Formulation of localization indicators.

On the third day, PIONEER Management discussed Strategies and activities for achieving inclusive localization and Measuring the effectiveness of achieving inclusive and localized meaningful participation indicators. The next day, it discussed the Preparation of operational plans for implementing the PIONEER mechanism and Developing operational implementation of capacity building training for PIONEER members. Last but not least, the closing ceremony was held on the last day.

Through this workshop,  the Indicators of Meaningful Participation and Inclusive Localization in the Humanitarian Response, which includes the preparedness stage for disaster response, are formulated. Those two components are keys in building and evaluating the PIONEER Mechanism and a reference for determining the strategies and activities needed to encourage meaningful participation of persons with disabilities and the elderly.

The implementation of the PIONEER Mechanism can be carried out based on predetermined achievements. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a Technical Plan and Implementation of the PIONEER Mechanism as a guide for the implementation of the PIONEER Project. Given these needs, in the near future, PIONEER Management will conduct an inclusive localization workshop on the Formulation of Participation Indicators in the humanitarian response to build understanding and careful planning of PIONEER Management.

All and all,  PIONEER management has successfully achieved its goals during this workshop, namely:

1. Formulation of key indicators and operational meaningful participation of the PIONEER Project

2. Formulation of localization indicators in preparedness for inclusive humanitarian response PIONEER Project

3. Formulation of strategies, work plans, and tools for measuring the effectiveness of meaningful and localized participation indicators in preparedness for an inclusive humanitarian response PIONEER Project

4. Preparation of operational plans for the PIONEER Project implementation mechanism


Last but not least, RDI is pleased to be a part of this insightful meeting and looks forward to the upcoming implementation processes of formulated indicators and operational mechanisms with the other collaborators, in regards to inclusive humanitarian response. 


ASB Representatives on PIONEER Project

HFI Representatives on PIONEER Project Workshop

RDI Representatives on PIONEER Project Workshop

AUDISI Representatives on PIONEER Project Workshop

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