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Stakeholder Workshop: Platform for the Inclusion of Non- Normative Gender and Sexualities (NNGS) in CCA Policy and Action

admin - May 04, 2021 05:44:01 pm 2 Views Location - Zoom Video Communications

The University of Auckland together with Indonesian and Filipino partners organized a stakeholder workshop titled "Platform for the Inclusion of Non-Normative Gender and Sexualities (NNGS) in CCA Policy and Action". The event was held on April 20, 2021, involving regional stakeholders included NGOs such as Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Equal Asia Foundation, United Nations of Women, UNDRR, ASEAN SOGIE Caucus, Philippine Commission on Women, Djogjakarta Community Action, Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (PIANGO), Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Philippine Office of Civil Defense, and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC).

This event was moderated by Neen Sapalo from The University of Philippines and it went very well. This event was the continuity of the last NNGS Regional Workshop which was held on February. The workshop discussed about the 'Johari Window' that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others, in this case it involved the transgender community and the stakeholders. It aimed to get further understanding on the four backgrounds, which were (1) what the transgender community know and has and the stakeholders also know and have, (2) what the transgender community knows and has but the stakeholders don't know and have, (3) what the transgender community does not know and has but the stakeholders know and have, and (4) what both transgender community as well as the stakeholders do not know and have; for example regarding the strategy and policy of local and national government, policy briefs, climate change and disaster, national policies, as well as rule and protection. From the discussion of the four backgrounds then began the discussion of a way forward for the transgender community who are ready to support and collaborate with the government's programs (including disaster response, social assistance, reporting cases, and in other aspects such as arts and culture). The transgender community also presented their needs, such as raising awareness of the transgender people's heightened vulnerabilities. They continued by explaining what they want to do, including creating a platform for advocacy and campaigning to introduce the grassroots of the transgenders.

This workshop certainly would not stop here. As a continuation, the next event of the NNGS Workshop will be held in the Capacity-Building event, which will have a deeper discussion Non-Normative Genders and Sexualities.

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