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RDI’s Participation in Climate Change, Disaster, and Human Rights Seminar: Synergizing Global Commitments and Efforts Government

Admin - Feb 18, 2022 07:46:13 pm 215 Views Location - Youtube & Zoom

On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, RDI had the opportunity to participate in interactive-seminar held by the Directorate General of Human Rights in association with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI).  The seminar’s theme was “Climate Change, Disaster, and Human Rights: Synergizing Global Commitments and Government Efforts”. The event was participated by institutions and related stakeholders that work closely to human rights discourse in the context of disasters and climate change, namely the National Disaster Management Agency, Secretariat of SDGs, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and many more.


The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the importance of integrating human rights, climate change control policies, programs and activities, and reductions and disaster risk management. This meeting was also aimed to discuss initiatives that have been done, sharing good practices, while mapping obstacles and needs emerging in an effort to integrate human rights and gender in policy and climate change control programs, as well as risk reduction and disaster management.


This meeting was first opened with remarks by Dr. Jason Squire from RWI, then continued by presentations from each speaker with a general theme: “Human rights in the context of disasters and climate change”. Sri Aryani from RWI discussed Climate Change, Disasters, and Human Rights: Lessons from the Asia Pacific; Gustaf Daud Sirait from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia presented about International Policy Developments in Climate Action: Reviewing the Relationship of Climate Change, Human Rights, and Business; Saut Sagala from RDI explained the Fulfillment of Healthy-Environment Rights in Encouraging Disaster and Climate Resilience; and Vivi Yulaswati, a Head of the National Coordination Secretariat of SDGs, described the Implementation of SDGs Disasters and Climate Change


To sum up, there are many things that can be done to deal with climate change impact and disaster occurrence. It has been shown by various products displayed and the innovative approach demonstrated in this event. Further collaboration and escalation of these promising products and approaches are required to increase national resilience. Thus, greater participation and collaboration from the public as well as support from the government at various levels is essential.



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