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Visiting Gorontalo Province, RDI was Involved in Disseminating Public Finance and Disaster Risk Management, also Climate and Disaster-Resilient Local Infrastructure Systems

Indah Cahyaning - Apr 26, 2022 10:21:58 am 110 Views Location - Gorontalo

Contributed to research regarding Disaster Risk Insurance and Financing in Indonesia, RDI was involved in a study about Assessment of Local Governments, Disaster Risk Reduction Efforts, Financing Mechanisms, and Financing Gaps. The study aimed to build the resilience of local governments which is taking place in Gorontalo and West Java Province. On April 20, 2022, UNDP held a socialization activity to introduce the two studies in Gorontalo, comprising Public Finance and Disaster Risk Management, and Climate and Disaster-Resilient Local Infrastructure Systems. RDI Representative, Dr. Saut Sagala has presented and disseminated the first study to all regional and local governments who attended. In the last session, along with the discussion, an exercise was also conducted in regard to disaster and climate budget tagging, the activity was conducted to familiarize Government Officials in mainstreaming disaster sectors, programs, or activities into their revenue and expenditure budget.




Meanwhile, on April 21, 2022, follow up coordination was continued by visiting several related Government Agencies, including Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA), Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Public Works and Spatial Planning Agency (PUPR), River Basin Development Agency (BWS), and Watershed Management Center and Forest Conservation (BPDASHL). On the last day, April 22, 2022, site visits were conducted in several locations of watershed areas and infrastructure for flood, one of which is the Bulango Ulu dam construction. The observation of some issues pertaining to the flood was also carried out by identifying sludge in Bone and Bolango watershed areas, as well as sediment around Lake of Limboto. The observation activity was guided and accompanied by The Head of Operations and Maintenance of Natural Resources, BWS Sulawesi II Gorontalo, and The Head of Watershed Management Center and Forest Conservation (BPDASHL) of Gorontalo.



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