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RDI Hold the First Implementation of Durable Solution: Training for Displaced Community in Garut

Admin - Feb 22, 2022 03:34:40 pm 43 Views Location - Garut, West Java

On Thursday 10 February 2022 and Friday 11 February 2022, RDI held the first activity on the implementation of Durable Solution through Urban Living Lab from the Making Displacement Project in Garut, West Java. The activity was conducted through training with the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPDB) and Garut Department of Cooperative and MSMEs. The seminar’s theme was focused on the economic recovery after the Disaster. The event was participated by the displaced community in Huntap Babakan Carik relocation and Cigadog relocation site. The purpose of this training was to increase the capacity of the displaced community in implementing the durable solution. For the community in Cigadog, they hoped the implementation of this cooperative can be funding for their enterprise as well as a stepping stone for the new market every week in their target market, which are the community around Cigadog and tourists that want to go to Gunung Putri. Meanwhile, the community in Babakan Carik wished to implement a cooperative with a waste management bank as a joint effort.


The training started with a presentation of Psychosocial Support, namely actions aimed at helping to meet the psychological needs and social assistance for community members affected by a disaster. In these sessions, BPBD explained the types and Pyramids of Psychosocial Support that are generally given to disaster victims. The presentation was followed by an explanation of Psychological First Aid (PFA) which was described as a human and supportive response to fellow human beings who are suffering or need support. Afterward, the training began to focus on giving information and basic knowledge to the community regarding the solutions (community cooperative unit). The session was opened with the presentation from Garut Regency of Corporation Unit and Small Business about what Community Corporation Unit is, what type of Community Corporation Unit is, and how to create an efficient and sustainable business flow for the community.


To sum up, this training could have helped to increase the capacity of the displaced community for implementing the agreed upon durable solution. The first part of the training would give insight to the community about the recovery after the disaster and relocation. Then, the second part of the training would give the basis of community cooperation for implementing the durable solution. In addition, RDI will work together with the local stakeholder and community for the next implementation of the durable solution’s activities in Babakan Carik and Cigadog, Garut Indonesia.



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