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In Memoriam - Dr. Herryal Anwar

admin - Aug 27, 2019 07:10:17 pm 81 Views Location - RDI Office, Bandung Indonesia

"Strengthening resilience is a crucial way to reduce the people's vulnerability in overcoming disasters" .-  Dr. Herryal Z. Anwar, 2016

Early last week, we received devastating news that Dr. Herryal Z. Anwar had passed away on Monday, August 19 2019. Dr. Herryal Z. Anwar was one of the senior researchers and fellows that has huge impact within the Disaster and Climate Resilience (DCR) cluster. Having becoming part of RDI ever since the early establishment in 2014, it can go without saying that the contributions and passion Dr. Herryal Z. Anwar had showed and given to us would be something that shall never cease to exist in our memory.

"Dr. Herryal, our colleague from RDI, was a kind, humble and helpful person. I am forever grateful to have met and work with him. May he rest in peace". - Dr. Ayu Krishna, RDI Fellow for Tourism and Cultural Heritage (TCH) Cluster.

"Personally, I began to get to know Pak Herryal well in a joint seminar between RDI and his institution, back in 2015 ago. During this event`s preparation, I remember him as a humble and nice person. Later, he was active in the DCR research cluster and was involved in several research and academic article writing, especially some book chapters, published by his institution. Surely, I will miss Pak Herryal and his contribution to science and knowledge in Indonesia". - Alpian Angga Pratama, RDI New Zealand & AU Representatives.

"He is one of the people who had given perspective on dedication, loyalty and focus. Dr. Herryal was the definition of devotion that truly served as a role model in communicating with younger people. So long, Dr. Ir. H. Herryal Zoelkarnaen Anwar, senior researcher in LIPI and alumnus of geological engineering in ITB class of 1973. I can provide my utmost sincere testament on how you were a kind-hearted person who was always being an inspiration to the many". - Dodon Yamin, former staff of RDI.

"Herryal Anwar was a mentor, senior researcher and fellow for us. He loves to promote and discuss about disaster risk reduction studies, especially after major events occur. He also has a sense of humour that goes along with his passion when working with us. Goodbye Pak Herryal. You surely will be missed!". -  Dr. Saut Sagala, RDI Fellow for Disaster and Climate Resilience (DCR) Cluster.

Dr. Herryal Z. Anwar was, without a doubt, a great academician and scholar whose works will always inspire many of us and become set of irreplaceable legacy. He will be very much missed by his dearest family, friends, colleagues and also by the RDI team. Our prayers are always with him and may he rest in peace.


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