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GPDRR 2022 Main Event | 27 May 2022

Admin - Jun 03, 2022 08:03:18 pm 144 Views Location - GPDRR

We finally arrived at the last day of the GPDRR 2022 Main Event!

RDI is extremely grateful for this opportunity to attend and contribute to the GPDRR 2022. Check out our latest recap on the third day of GDPRR 2022, including the Closing Ceremony!


1. Accelerating Financing for Risk Prevention

Location: Nusa Dua Hall, BNDCC 1-Ground Floor


The High-Level Dialogue identified options for enhancing inclusive financing for prevention. It will discuss and unpack the ‘Think Resilience’ financing approach as a necessity in all public, as well as private sector investments.



  • Armida Alisjahbana - Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Secretary of ESCAP, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
  • E. Igor Driesmans - Ambassador to ASEAN, European Union
  • E. Ramon Soto Bonilla
  • Kamal Kishore
  • Gabriel Pollen
  • Graham Clark


2. Sharing Session on Regional Standby Mechanisms and their role in disaster preparedness and response

Location:  BNDCC 1, Singaraja Hall


The session focused on sharing information about regional standby arrangements, especially regarding the processes and mechanisms to mobilize resources in support of disaster-affected countries; what resources can be mobilized, when to mobilize, and how to mobilize them, as well as the experiences and challenges in doing so. This event will also exchange good practice, and deliberate challenges, in mobilizing resources for standby arrangements, and discuss ways and means to overcome these obstacles. Most importantly, it will elaborate on possible future inter-regional collaboration to strengthen standby arrangements.


Panelist: ASEAN AHA Center, Representative from Pacific Region, Representative from African Union, Representative from European Union, UN OCHA