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DiBiCoo Study Tour to Biogas Plant in Lampung, Indonesia

Aisha Hanifa Salsabilla - Jun 21, 2022 05:14:36 pm 72 Views Location - Batiqa Hotel Lampung

Following series of stakeholder workshops and capacity-building training, the DiBiCoo Project continued its final stage with a study tour in Indonesia on May 29-30, 2022. RDI is honored to be the organizing host for the study tour which now taking place in Lampung province, Indonesia. The study tour event was attended by primarily 20 participants from 15 international biogas organizations across 8 countries in the European Union, Africa, Asia and South America. Through the event, the participants are invited to visit several biogas sites to facilitate knowledge transfer among various biogas stakeholders.


The study tour event began with a networking dinner at the Batiqa Hotel Lampung, which was also attended by representatives of the local government, the Department of Agriculture, Food Crops and Horticulture of the Lampung Province. On the following day, the activity continued to the main event, study tour of three biogas plants to the Great Giant Pineapple (GGP) Company, PD Semangat Jaya and GREE Energy at Hamparan Project. The study tour exposes and provides participants with detailed experience, starting from how the industrial process works at the factory until the production of biogas sources to support the operational process.


The study tour was successfully held and perhaps also facilitates a great transfer of knowledge forum among the biogas stakeholders, as well as remaining a memorable trip to Indonesia. Gathering biogas experts from across the country have also become an excellent chance for future engagement with Indonesian biogas actors. To further promote this goal, the study tour was also continued to the Matchmaking event held the next day in Padma Hotel, Bandung.


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