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Workshop Consultation on Public Finance Management and Disaster-Resilient Local Infrastructure Systems with Sub-National Government of West Java Province

Indah Cahyaning Sari - Jun 21, 2022 05:26:30 pm 25 Views Location - West Java Province

Picture 1. All of the invitees (Sub-National Government of West Java) who attend Workshop Consultation with UNDP


Taking part in Disaster Risk Insurance and Financing Research in Indonesia, Assessment of Local Governments, Disaster Risk Reduction Efforts, Financing Mechanisms, and Financing Gaps were conducted by RDI in two provinces, one of which taking place in West Java Province.


Chosen as one of the pilot projects, this region will be further developed to build and maintain the resilience of local governments, particularly in Disaster Risk Public Finance Management. Workshop consultation was conducted on 13 June 2022, despite aimed to raise disaster risk financing topics, the workshop also discussed how to optimise and integrate data at local level through Inarisk. Dr. Saut Sagala has presented and disseminated RDI Study initial funding pertaining to potential and issue on mainstreaming DRM into Regional Budget (APBD). Categories as one of the provinces with a high risk index, West Java has shown great performance in reducing disaster risk in recent years. The topic of the study also aligned with a disaster initiatives program at the local level entitled Jawa Barat Resilience Culture Province (JRCP), which have six pillars, two of which are Resilience Infrastructure and Resilience Financing.



Picture 2. Dr. Saut Sagala presented the initial findings of the research study


Mainstreaming disaster risk into the regional budget (APBD) is still not widely implemented in practice. This is due to issues of prioritisation, lack of continuity, risk awareness and financial literacy as well which impeded the actualisation of comprehensive public finance management in regard to disaster. The National Government (Ministry of Finance) has triggered budget tagging through Regional Climate Change Budget Tagging Report for 2017 - 2020, the method also has been adopted and applied by the Sub-National Government. However, since the budget tagging method has changed in recent years, it is necessary to have a common understanding regarding the new nomenclature used in Minister of Home Affairs Regulation Number 90 of 2019. West Java Government has applied some of the budget tagging form through JRCP matrix budget, even though they still face challenges in determining components and activities that might be related to disaster and climate change. Derived from these challenges, further training, template and collaboration are needed to improve Sub-National Government Capacity in conducting disaster budget tagging.



Picture 3. Post Workshop Coordination with Head of Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA) and Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of West Java Province


In 14 June 2022, Coordination of Post-Workshop Consultations related to Disaster Financing Schemes and Practices, and Inarisk Integration Opportunities for Risk-Based Local Infrastructure Development Planning in West Java Province with UNDP and the Head of BAPPEDA West Java Province, Mr. H. Sumasna, ST., MUM. As regional apparatus who take control in budget spending, Bappeda will embark and support the implementation of disaster & climate budget tagging in West Java. Follow up coordination was also carried out with Section Chief of Preparedness of West Java Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Mr. Budi Budiman Wahyu. In facilitating further coordination regarding disaster budget tangging in West Java Province, BPBD invited RDI to join the Public Test and Finalisation of the West Java Province Disaster Management Plan (RPB) for 2022-2026 that will be carried out in early July.



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