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The Launching of Social Innovation Platform (SIP) West Java Prototype: “Kampung Keluarga Berkualitas”

Wilda Mazidaturrizka, CSWH Cluster - Apr 01, 2022 06:42:03 pm 78 Views Location - Sukabumi Regency, West Java

The Social Business Model Canvas (SBMC) “Objek Daya Tarik Wisata (ODTW) Kampung Keluarga Berkualitas” – as one of the SIP solution portfolios, designed with the locals and various other parties, has finally reached the implementation stage. This SBMC has been implemented in Kampung KB Madani Kencana Jaya, Cigadog Village, Tamanjaya, Ciemas, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. The implementation stage consisted of two stages, namely trial or prototype one and trial stage two, which was the soft-launching of the SBMC prototype.


A series of phase one trial activities began in the first week until the end of January, starting with an online coordination meeting between the RDI team and the “Kampung Keluarga Berkualitas” management team. The prototype was consisted of: a walking tour and workshop at each local craft store (production of abon cue and cicue, coet, bamboo crafts, and knit); visiting Imah Hejo (local greenhouse) and local farm; having “ngawadang” for lunch; watching the performance of Kecapi (local harp art) and the Sundanese jaipong dance. Furthermore, there were some evaluation workshops and discussion meetings for the following step, the launching.


The Launching Day