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Co-Design Activities for The Social Innovation Platform (SIP) Project

admin - Jan 06, 2022 05:53:29 pm 64 Views Location - Sukabumi

In November 2021, a Co-Design activity was held for the Social Innovation Platform (SIP) Project. This activity consists of fieldwork activities and a virtual Focus Group Discussion (FGD) workshop. On the 13th-15th November 2021 the SIP Project Team from RDI visited Sukabumi to hold discussions about guide's management, the challenges, and the co-design and co-creation concept with several key persons. The key persons were namely ex-Migrant workers who are currently working in Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Ciwaru Village, Sukabumi Regency; youth actors at  Palangpang & Geopark; local farmers association at Curug Sodong, Ciwaru Village; and  Chief of Badan Kerjasama antar Desa (BKAD) or Inter-village Cooperation Agency.


Meanwhile, on the 24th-25th November 2021, The SIP workshop with UNDP Indonesia was launched. The workshop was held to convey and discuss findings related to the challenges and opportunities of developing Sustainable Tourism in the form of a portfolio of solutions. Moreover, the goal was also to analyze the intersection with government, development policies or programs, and other stakeholders. 

In conclusion, the implementation of the Co-design activity aims to provide a collaborative space for stakeholders, both at the regional and provincial levels, and at the local level regarding the design of the initiative and is expected to be able to produce a portfolio of solutions that are most suitable for the integration of the three priority sectors formulated in the form of the Social Innovation Platform-Business Model Canvas (SBMC). Moreover, it is also expected that the project could be prototyped for each initiative.


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