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Insightful Dialogue between RDI and Local Governments in Supporting Low Carbon Development in Indonesia

Admin - Oct 18, 2022 06:21:28 pm 21 Views Location - ICLEI Indonesia

On October 10  2022, RDI was very honored to be participating as one of the keynote speakers in the Dialogue and Workshop Event on Increasing the Role of Local Government in Supporting Low Carbon Development in Indonesia that was held by ICLEI Indonesia. This event aimed to gain knowledge deeper into the potential and opportunities for city/regency involvement in supporting the global climate action, and it is necessary to provide an interactive dialogue forum so that it can formulate more measurable recommendations. On the other hand, this event was held to occupy an equal position and provide collaborative proposals to promote the effectiveness of climate change control based on urban and rural connectivity. Therefore it requires a workshop to identify challenges and opportunities to formulate models of urban and rural collaboration in support of the achievement of Indonesia's NDC.


This event was divided into two sessions, the first session was an interactive dialogue on Increasing the role of local governments in achieving Indonesia's NDC Target. This session provided an opportunity for the city/regency to describe their opportunities and challenges in supporting the achievement of NDC targets in Indonesia. The first speaker for this session was Ms. Laksmi Dwanthi, Director General of Climate Change Control, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, who discussed Accelerating the Role of Local Governments in Achieving NDC Targets. The second presenter was Mr. Edison Siagian, Director of the Synchronization of Regional Government Affairs I, Ministry of Internal Affairs who discussed the Strategy of Prioritizing the Climate Change Agenda in Regional Development. Continued to the third speaker, there was Ms. Anggi from Bappenas who presented about the Implementation of Low Carbon Development Planning (PPRK) in Planning Regional development ,and followed by the last presenter in the first session who was Mr. Kunto Aji who represented Ms. Dian Lestari on behalf of the Ministry of Finance Fiscal Policy Agency. Furthermore, participants got information and knowledge related to strategies for accelerating climate action for local governments from the national government.



For the second session, the discussion was about the workshop on strategies to build stakeholder collaboration in urban and rural areas in increasing climate action in Indonesia. This session delivered the interconnection between city and rural in accelerating collaborative climate action. It was opened and moderated by Mr. Selamet Daryoni and started with the brainstorming of the city that has been built by collaboration between urban and rural residents. Several representatives from local governments explained about their capabilities and challenges in building the sustainable and resilience infrastructure or facilities in tackling climate change. After accommodating the evaluation from local governments, then continued with an explanation of the basic concepts of building collaboration between cities and villages delivered by representative of RDI, Ms. Fathia Lutfiananda, who shared about the Rural and Urban Collaboration Development Strategy in Controlling Climate Change. In this process, each participant provided additional information and/or asked questions and responses. Furthermore, the participants were also asked to provide recommendations for building collaboration between cities and villages in supporting climate action in Indonesia.


RDI Representatives: Fathia Lutfiananda and Maria Putri Adianti


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