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Focus Group Discussion

Discussing The Crucial Solution for Jakarta’s Transportation Improvement through Perspective Sharing

Danang Azhari & Martha Verena - Dec 09, 2022 05:55:23 pm 78 Views Location - DKI Jakarta’s

On the Future is Public Transport campaign with C40 Cities and DKI Jakarta’s, RDI conducted a pre-campaign activity through a Focus Group Discussion (FGD): Perspective of Transportation stakeholders as a Concrete Solution for Jakarta. This FGD was a collaboration with the Government of DKI Jakarta and the Jakarta Transportation Council. The First Opening Speech was carried out by the Head of the Transportation Agency of DKI Jakarta, Dr. Syafrin Liputo, ATD, MT. He highlighted Jakarta’s achievement and commitment further to implementing better, integrated, and cleaner Public Transport for Jakarta. The Second opening speech was by the head of the transportation council of DKI Jakarta (DTKJ), Dr. Ir. Haris Muhammadun, ATD., M.M., IPM. He highlighted the urge to modal share to public transport and the need of providing inclusivity of public transport in DKI Jakarta.



The first discussion was on Public Transport as Supporting Economic Growth. The panelist and discussants highlight the progress in working together towards better public transport can be crucial progress for Jakarta’s development. The first speaker of the discussion is Ir. Weni Maulina, The Head of Engineering of PT MRT Jakarta, explained how public transport can support the improvement of the quality of life & ease of accessibility for the people mobility of Jakarta, mentioning the MRT Jkt case. It continued with the discussions from the first discussant, Muhamad Kamaluddin, B.Eng, MBA, the President of Director PT Jaklingko Indonesia that discussed how the integration of all the public transport both in the physical and management is crucial since most public transport users always ride more than one modal of public transport. The next discussant, Faela Sufa, MSc. Eng Southeast Asia Director of ITDP mentioned the urgency of evidence and analytical-based for the public transport development and approach in Jakarta.



The second session spoke about  Public Transport as a Solution to the Climate Crisis and discussed the integration of public transport as a concrete action and changes to low-carbon public transportation. Yoga Adiwinarto, M.Sc Director of Operations & Safety of PT Transjakarta, explained how Transjakarta has collaborated & contributed to Jakarta’s climate resilience development. The first discussant in the second session, Yayat Sudrajat, Ssi.T,M. MT, Head of Road Transportation Division of DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency highlighted the urgency of integration of public transport as a concrete action in combatting the climate crisis. The last discussant of the session, Made Vikannanda, M.Sc E-Mobility Program Lead of WRI Indonesia highlighted the low-carbon public transport, and investment in changes to low-carbon public transportation, & this needs to be scaled up to combat the climate crisis.


The last session is the dissemination of The Future is Public Transport in Jakarta. We call for the collaboration of all public transport stakeholders on enhancing the awareness of public transport as a concrete solution for Jakarta’s development toward climate crisis.