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RDI – British Geological Survey (BGS) Workshop: "Understanding Geological Hazards to Support Disasters Risk Assessment in Indonesia"

admin - Jan 28, 2022 05:35:43 pm 99 Views Location - Zoom Video Communications and RDI YouTube Live

On January 24-25, 2022, RDI held a workshop with the British Geological Survey (BGS) titled Understanding Geological Hazards to Support Disaster Risk Assessment in Indonesia. The two-day workshop marks the kick-off of a collaboration between RDI and BGS. This workshop was aimed to bridge further research, along to widen partnerships and connections between Indonesia and the UK agencies.

Several panelists joined the event to share the current progress of geological hazard mitigation. For the first da's workshop, the topics discussed were earthquake and landslide hazards. Each of the panelists presented their knowledge where they are expertised in the areas. The panelists for the first day of the workshop namely Dr. sc. Yoga Sendjaja (Padjadjaran University - Indonesia) as the keynote speaker, and Dr. Saut Sagala (RDI Senior Research Fellow, ITB), Dr. Ekbal Hussain (British Geological Survey - England), Dr. Ir. Dicky Muslim, M.Sc (Padjadjaran University - Indonesia), and Dr. Christian Arnhardt (British Geological Survey - England) as the presenters. Dr. Aria Mariany was also participating as the moderator for the workshop.  Meanwhile, for the second day of the workshop, the topics discussed were volcano and tsunami hazards. The panelists that included the keynote speaker and presenters were as remarkable as the first day panelists. There were Ir. Andiani, M.T (Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation-Indonesia) as the keynote speaker, and the presenters namely Dr. Devy Kamil Syahbana (Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation-Indonesia), Dr. Samantha Engwell (British Geological Survey), Dr. Abdul Muhari, S.Si., M.T (National Agency for Disaster Management-Indonesia), and Prof. Dr. David Tappin (British Geological Survey) This workshop has been moderated by Dr. Nuraini Rahma Hanifa.

More than the usual workshop, this two-day workshop was also shaped with an interactive focus group discussion by the panelists and participants. After the presentation session by each panelist, they were divided into three breakout rooms to have an in-depth discussion and assess the opportunities, challenges, and gaps in managing and mitigating each hazard. Several issues are highlighted during the discussion, some of them are the concern about hazard assessment on the new capital of Indonesia, the risk communication, data sharing and data collection practice, compiling and integrating local wisdom in hazard management, technology application in hazard assessment, etc. All and all, this workshop was such an eye-opener to many more remarkable findings in geological hazards, and definitely has brought a lot of new perspectives for everyone who was interested in further studies in the area. These issues that were discussed will also be assessed furhter and potentially be used as research collaboration projects in the next meeting.

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