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Raising Urban Health Issues, RDI Representative received Best Paper Award at the 6th Asia Future Conference (AFC) 2022

Indah Cahyaning Sari - Sep 05, 2022 06:40:56 pm 70 Views Location - Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

The 6th Asia Future Conference brought together academics, researchers, and practitioners from Asia and other continents under the theme of "Building a Future Asia, Solving Problems, Together." The conference took place in Taiwan from August 27 to August 29 at Chinese Culture University, the host institution. This event is organized by the Atsumi International Foundation and the Sekiguchi Global Research Association (SGRA). The conference consisted of a number of fascinating activities ranging from the opening ceremony, Greetings from the Naoki Atsumi (Atsumi International Foundation), CShu-yin Wang (Chinese Culture University) as Host and Co-Host, and Opening Remarks by Yasushi Akashi as Conference Chair. Congratulatory Address also delivered by Guest of Honor: Hiroyasu Izumi from Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association and David Hwang from The Society of Distinguished Alumni - CCU Alumni Association.



Doc: Guest of honor and keynote speech at The 6th Asia Conference 2022, August 27-29, 2022 in Chinese Culture University, Taiwan


In Keynote Speech, Former Vice President of the Republic of China, Dr. Chen Chien-jen also presented "International Infectious Diseases and Taiwan - Coexisting with COVID-19 or Zero-COVID?". Followed by the presentation of panelists from the International Symposium by Hsiao-Chih Sun (National Taiwan University), Sangbae Kim (Seoul National University), Sheng-Jean Huang (Taipei City United Hospital), Norio Ohmagari (National Center for Global Health and Medicine), and Wei-Bin Chen (Chinese Culture University) who discussed International Cooperation to Overcome Pandemics” - Recommendations for a new model of international cooperation.


Roundtable Discussions from experts in their fields are held the next day, Roundtable I-2: Mental health, trauma, and fatigue in Asia on August 28, and Round Table II-2: Community and Global Capitalism on August 29. The panel discussion covered ten thematic issues that are related to recent global pandemic situations in the Asia Continent, and RDI participated in Panel 4 regarding Health and Corona Impact.


The presentation, "Healthy City Capacity Mapping: Resilient Management In The Aftermath of Pandemic COVID-19 (Case Study Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and Marikina, The Philippines")," has made on this occasion by Indah Cahyaning Sari on behalf of Resilience Development Initiative (RDI). The study aimed to portray healthy city implementation in Yogyakarta and Marikina City by identifying six determinants of Urban Health. Lessons learned of the concept and strategies of resilient management incorporating urban health elements specifically in facing the COVID-19 pandemic situation, which could be widely adapted both non- and physically in urban built environments as best practices to manage healthy city implementation. This paper was also developed by Joint-Research Collaboration with RUP Research Fellow, Prof. Ebinezer Florano from National College of Public Administration and Governance, University of the Philippines.



Doc: Best Paper Award Announcement and All Presenters in the Parallel Session of The 6th Asia Future Conference (AFC) 2022


The paper is chosen as one of the Top 20 best papers from a total of 133 papers submitted after going through the review process, and it will be included in an edited volume titled "Toward the Future of Asia: My Proposal Vol. 6B," which will be published and released in the early part of the following year. Furthermore, urban health issues were crucial to discuss since they aim to address the most recent advancements and difficulties faced by nations worldwide in relation to how to deal with unprecedented situations like pandemics, which spread mostly in urban areas. In short, RDI would express gratitude to those involved who contributed to writing and developing the paper, in which hopefully this academic forum could be used as a bridge to enrich and share knowledge on current strategic issues in Asia.



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