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Knowledge Sharing regarding Indonesia Humanitarian Project on Disaster Displacement

Admin - Mar 20, 2023 06:58:01 pm 14 Views Location - Youtube & Zoom Platform

RDI and GNDR (Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction) organized a webinar about Resilience Displaced Community: Lessons Learned from Indonesia’s Humanitarian Project on August 24, 2022. This discussion was attended by many stakeholders, which included the Forced Displacement Lead for GNDR, Elise Belcher, Regional Advisor Bureau for Humanitarian Affairs at USAID, Joe Miskov, Response Manager of World Vision, Yacobus Runtuwene, Program Manager of ADVANCE, Victor Rembeth, IOM Representative Indonesia, Stefano Breasola, BPBD Jawa Barat, Adwin Singarimbun, representatives from BNPB Indonesia and also representatives from RDI.



There were four main topics discussed in this webinar. The first one was about making displacement safer, the consequences of IDPs, and a new project named Urban Living Labs (ULL) to approach co-creation and engagement to bring together different stakeholders in a few steps, including exploration, co-creation, experimentation, and evaluation. The second one talked about the main challenges in handling IDPs, the conditions and needs of IDPs, and strategies to foster resilience of the IDPs. The third one was about advancing private sector engagement in disaster preparedness and response in Indonesia, which also talked about the Business Neighborhood Resilience Framework (BNRF). The fourth one talked about the local capacity to manage displacement, displacement data, strengthening the response to gender-based violence, solutions to displacement, closure of displacement sites, and stronger coordination.


Based on the discussion, we have been able to identify the disaster displacement issues, but there are important things that need to be considered about finding durable solutions and ensuring how we can turn the ideas into reality. This is an issue that must face together, and collaboration is one of the keys to involving all the actors for better data management, advocacy to emphasize meaningful coordination and regional levels, and mainstreaming of durable solutions.


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