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Contribution to National Workshop: Sharing & Learning of PIONEER Model Implementation in Sigi and Magelang Regency

Admin - Mar 20, 2023 06:56:26 pm 28 Views Location - Magelang Regency

“Partners for Inclusion: Localising Inclusive Humanitarian Response (PIONEER)” is a mechanism to strengthen the roles of local actors, persons with disabilities, and the elderly through collaborative, effective, and equal partnerships to achieve a localized humanitarian response. There are three main components in the PIONEER mechanism, including meaningful participation, inclusive and equal partnership, and capacity strengthening. This model was implemented in Magelang Regency, Central Java, and Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi. In August 2022, the implementation of PIONEER entered the final stage where several learning activities have been completed, such as data collection and management of risk groups through Washington Group Question (WGQ) assessments, inclusive humanitarian preparedness, and response simulations, training and workshops in inclusive humanitarian response, socialization of inclusive disaster risk reduction through “Ketoprak” performances, formulation of village policies and regulations on inclusive disaster risk reduction, documentation of the implementation in the form of an inclusive documentary, etc. These activities were expected to bridge the capacities as well as knowledge of people with disabilities and the elderly in balance with humanitarian organizations in disaster risk management.  Given the importance of sharing the learning outcomes from the implementation of PIONEER in the Magelang and Sigi Regency, it is pivotal to hold a workshop at the national level in order to disseminate the lessons learned from the implementation of PIONEER.


The national workshop was held on September 15th, 2022, in Jakarta, and aims to share the learning outcomes of PIONEER’s localization. In this activity, RDI came to support the implementation and monitoring of the workshop itself. Furthermore, this workshop also identifies and formulates recommendations at the national level in order to develop and replicate the PIONEER model in other regions. This workshop was attended by approximately 60 participants who were representatives from the government, humanitarian organizations, academia, people with disabilities organizations, older people's organizations, communities, and media. Based on the workshop, there were several recommendations and agreements, including; The formulation of policies and regulations to support the implementation of disaster risk reduction at the national, provincial, and city/regency levels. The communities must strongly commit to implementing an inclusive approach to disaster risk reduction and establishing collaboration between regions; It is necessary to monitor and evaluate the implementation of programs and policies related to inclusive disaster risk reduction by actively involving persons with disabilities and older people. It could be realized by the establishment of organizations that accommodate persons with disabilities and older people at the city/regency to the provincial level.


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