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In Loving Memory: Prof. Dr. Douglass Paton

Admin - May 02, 2023 04:13:49 pm 38 Views Location - Australia

Last week, we heard the unfortunate news that one of RDI Senior Fellows, Professor Douglas Paton sadly passed away on Monday, 24 April 2023 in Australia.


Prof. Dr Douglas Paton is a Professor of Psychology at the School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences at Charles Darwin University. Prof. Paton researches cross-cultural theories of disaster readiness, response and recovery based on research in Australia (bushfire, flooding, tsunami), New Zealand (earthquake, volcanic, tsunami), Japan (earthquake, volcanic), Indonesia (volcanic, tsunami), Taiwan (earthquake, typhoon), Iran (earthquake) and Portugal (bushfire). The findings are used to develop community engagement and professional training programs for communities, social services, and emergency professions.


“Prof. Douglas was a mentor, senior researcher and fellow for us. He loves to promote and discuss disaster risk reduction studies, especially after major events occur. He also has a sense of humour that goes along with his passion when working with us. Rest well, Prof. Douglas. You surely will be missed!". -  Dr. Saut Sagala, RDI Fellow for Disaster and Climate Resilience (DCR) Cluster.


Having becoming part of RDI ever since its early establishment in 2014, it can go without saying that the contributions and passion Prof. Douglas had shown and given to us will be something that shall never cease to exist in our memory.  RDI deeply admire his fondness and loyalty to disaster risk management and climate change adaptation under the DCR cluster.


Prof. Douglas, without a doubt, is an inspiring academician and scholar whose works will leave a great impact on us. It is indescribable how grateful we are to have worked with someone as determined and inspiring as Prof. Douglas Paton over these years. We truly hope Prof. Douglas will rest peacefully as he will forever be in our hearts, and may consolation will surround his family and loved ones.


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