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The ASCEND Trial Simulation Workshop on Disaster Management Standards and Certification in ASEAN

Admin - Mar 20, 2023 06:52:40 pm 20 Views Location - Swiss-Belinn Hotel, Bogor

The ASEAN Standards and Certification for Experts in Disaster Management (ASCEND) Trial Simulation was held at the Swiss-Belinn Hotel, Bogor. This event was held on 22–25 November 2022, hosted by AHA Centre, and supported by RDI and LSP BNPB. The participants of this event consisted of assessors (National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) from each ASEAN Member State and the ASEAN Secretariat), observers (NDMO from Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand), experts (Plan International, Oxfam, RDI, PREDIKT, IFRC, and AHA Centre), and candidates (Plan International, Oxfam, Habitat for Humanity, WVI Indonesia, and Lao). The first session of the workshop was opened with an overview of the ASCEND Project and Trial Simulation presented by Mr. Andrew Mardanugraha from the AHA Centre. The main agenda of the first day (22/11) was an assessment planning workshop led by Dr. Jonatan Lassa as RDI representative. This session focused on formulating the assessment planning for the candidates. As the co-facilitators, Dr. Saut Sagala and Dr. Mercy Rampengan assisted with the group discussion. At the end of the first day, Mr. Harijanto Tjahjono, the RDI consultant, explained the daily evaluation form. On the second day of ASCEND Trial Simulation (23/11), it began with welcoming remarks from Mr. Berton Panjaitan, S.K.M., M.H.M., Ph.D., the chief of the Center for Education and Training of the National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB). After the tour session, the assessors continued their assessment planning, led by Dr. Jonatan Lassa, and conducted a dry run to simulate their assessment process in terms of assessment methods, assessment processes, and trial simulation preparations. The third day started with welcoming remarks from Mr. Berton Panjaitan, Mr. Jinmo Kang (Mission of the Republic of Korea to ASEAN), and Mr. Krishna Putra Tanaja (AHA Centre). The main agenda item was the assessment process for each profession. Four assessors and one expert assessed the candidates regarding their knowledge and competence through oral, written, and demonstration tests. The last day (25/11) of ASCEND Certification Trial Simulation started with an evaluation workshop led by Mr. Harijanto Tjahjono. Then, the agenda is continued with a talk show moderated by Dr. Jonatan Lassa, which focused on discussing the most celebrated successes following the trial simulation, the challenges and its lessons learned


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