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Indonesia and European Union for Investment, Trade, and Sustainable Development Issues

Nailah - Apr 19, 2023 05:53:40 pm 24 Views Location - Faculty of the Law University of Indonesia, the Erasmus+ Programme for the European Union, and Maastricht University

To answer the need to further the discussion on investment, trade, and sustainable development, a conference involving international experts and scholars is a great place to start. On April 5, 2023, The International Conference on Investment, Trade, and Sustainable Development: International Law and Policy Perspective from Indonesia and the European Union, was held. This conference happened as an event organized by the Faculty of the Law University of Indonesia, the Erasmus+ Programme for the European Union, and Maastricht University. The conference was attended by Indonesian and international experts and scholars, including RDI’s representative.


The speakers for the panels held that day include experts and scholars such as Prof. Andri G. Wibisana from Universitas Indonesia, Prof. Michael Faure from Maastricht University, Dr. Yetty Komalasari Dewi from Universitas Indonesia, Dr. Nicolas De Sadeleer from Universite Saint-Louis, Dr. Iveta Alexovicova from Maastricht University, and Dr. Ivana Damjanovic from Canberra Law School. Along with other attendants, our representatives, Nailah, Wewin Wira Cornelis Wahid, and Abdul Baits Dehana Padma Swastika, who was our Gender Equality Officer, CEGF Officer, and REER Research Officer, were also present.



The second panel themed "Case Studies Related to Trade and Environment: Deforestation and Palm Oil" was led by Dr. Nicolas De Sadeleer. Wira, RDI CEGF Officer, had an opportunity to share his thoughts by presenting his paper entitled "A Proposed Framework for Sustainable Palm Oil in Indonesia through Market-Based Financing Scheme: An Initial Step to Better Palm-Oil Trade Relations with the European Union".


On the other hand, our other research officer, Nailah (Gender Equality Officer), also had the pleasure of giving her perspective on the issues. The third panel titled  "Case Studies Related to Specific Trade and Environment Issues Chairperson'' was led by  Dr. Nicolas De Sadeleer. Nailah presented her paper entitled "Embedding Gender Responsive Consideration in Indonesia’s International Trade Policy for Waste Management" on the third panel.


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