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Disasters in Indonesia Seminar : from early warning system to rebuilding process
admin | Seminar | Oct 29, 2018 | Comments

On 13th of November 2018, RDI attended disaster seminar in Indonesia: from an early warning system to recovery process as a topic conducted in collaboration with Indonesia Regional Science Association...

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Bandung Energy Sustainability Symposium & GCRF Minigrid Kick off Meeting
admin | Discussion | Oct 18, 2018 | Comments

On 26th of October 2018, RDI conducted Bandung Energy Sustainability Symposium. The symposium began with the welcoming speech from the Secretary of Industrial Engineering, Department of Widyatama Univ...

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Kampung Kota, Micro-Climate, and Urban Heat Island Mitigation
admin | Discussion | Oct 09, 2018 | Comments

As part of the ongoing research regarding Urban Heat Island, on October 17th 2018, RDI members co-hosted a focus group discussion alongside Dr. Beta Paramita, a lecturer at UPI and Research Fellow of...

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Resilience and the Palu Tsunami
admin | Palu EQ | Aug 29, 2018 | Comments

Figure 1. Courtesy of Liputan 6The recent devastating disasters that befell our home soil, specifically Palu and Donggala, have affected countless lives and continue to inflict unimaginable trauma and...

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National Meeting of Civil Society Organizations in Disaster Risk Reduction
admin | Discussion | Aug 23, 2018 | Comments

On August 28th, RDI staff members attended a meeting in Jakarta conducted by Yakkum Emergency Unit (YEU). The meeting was conducted to build partnerships and collaboration between various civil societ...

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Updated Assessment of Impacts and Responses
admin | Lombok EQ | Aug 15, 2018 | Comments

Figure 1. An updated list of educational infrastructure affected (Satuan Pendidikan Aman Bencana, 2018)On August 19th, 2018, the Island of Lombok was again hit by not one, but two significantly large...

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