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Dr. Nino Viartasiwi Attends Workshop on Migration and Health in Kathmandu, Nepal

On April 25-28, 2019, Dr. Nino Viartasiwi, representing RDI, attended Migration and Health
workshop at Kathmandu Nepal. The theme of the workshop is “Engendering Research and
Reframing Policy & Public Debate on Migration and Health”. Highly reputable institutions
hold workshop: the Centre for Global Health and the Global Policy Institute, Queen Mary
University of London, University of Edinburgh, and Delhi University in collaboration with
the International Organisation on Migration (IOM), UN University-Institute of Global Health
& MHADRI network. The workshop aims at strengthening research capacities and skills andfacilitating cross-cultural mentorship of early career researchers from both the UK and
South/South East Asia to advance collaborative research agenda on Migration, Health &
Intersectional rights.

The workshop is part of the Strengthening Policy and Research Capacities (SPARC) on
migration, rights and global health initiative, funded by the British Council. The overall
objective of this initiative is to develop a South-South knowledge exchange and learning
platform on Migration & Health rights, to strengthen community of research & practice, andengender new collaborations to address evidence gaps for responsive and coherent migration & health policies.

22 participants from 9 countries attend this important workshop. Among them, only two
participants come from Southeast Asia region, Indonesia and the Philippine. In three days of
activities, participants are engaged in discussions with various issues concerning migration
and health. The discussed issues are disrupting the mainstream narratives on migration and
health issues, research skill building, policy perspective on migration and health,
brainstorming on research topics to fill the weak areas on migration and heath studies map,
and capacity building in using gender and intersectionality lens in researching migration and
health issues. In the end of the workshop, three research groups are formed to further
encourage cross-regional collaborative research.

Picture 1. Dr. Nino Viartasiwi (RDI Fellows)

Dr. Nino Viartasiwi, on behalf of the RDI-Urban Refugee Research group, will take part in
collaborative research group under the theme Access to Healthcare. The research topic that
will be pursued is the experiences of refugees in Indonesia in accessing the health care
system. With the topic, the RDI Urban Refugee research group aims to provide a study on
Southern perspective that can be useful to support evidence-based policies at national and
regional levels on migration and health issues, especially the refugee issue.