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RDI Lessons Learned Workshop 2019

Another internal Lessons Learned workshop was held by RDI this year, which took place on July 30 th . In this workshop, staff are asked to elaborate on projects they are, or have been, working on. Attendance was complete, as all staff, including the managers and Mrs. Elisabeth Rianawati as the Director of RDI, were accounted for. Each of the projects would have something going well or otherwise. Staff might also have faced a challenge that calls for personal and organizational improvement. Ultimately, every project will yield something for everyone to learn from. By encouraging staff to be reflective of their work, RDI
hopes to instill problem-solving capabilities to everyone present at the workshop.

Picture 1. Dr. Saut Sagala

Similar to last year’s workshop, the sharing of information was done in a presentation-like manner. Everyone was given time to reflect on their respective projects, before sticking their thoughts on the paper stuck on large tracing papers stuck to the wall. After every staff were done, the workshop
proceeded to inspect each project one by one, where the related staff would explain what they wrote there. What followed is an open discussion, where other junior staff might ask out of curiosity, and the senior staff providing suggestions and insights to the project at hand. Something new to this year’s
workshop is the inclusion of unit review. Every internal working units of RDI – Outreach, Grant, Program, and Administration – also reviewed their performances and responsibilities. This was deemed necessary, since some of the internal divisions are in the midst of changing their strategic approach to operating as a research organization.

Picture 2. During Presentation

Save for the unit reviews, the workshop covered eleven items, which is the number of projects handled by RDI in the last 6 months. It was difficult, of course. Some of it are even still on-going at the time this is written. And there are quite a few papers stuck on the ‘things not going well’ sections of the workshop. But that is exactly the purpose of the workshop. Where problems exist, solutions are not far off.