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World Water Week 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden

The World Water Week 2019 organised by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) from 25 to 30 of August 2019 is the annual focal point for global water issue. The event was attended by experts, practitioners, decision-makers, business innovators and professional youth worldwide and within various sectors. Involving as many as 37 international organisations, World Water Week 2019 brought the thematic scope of Water for Society – Including all.

One of RDI research fellows, Adryan Sasongko, was one of the few many who participated as junior rapporteur. Adryan and the other selected 26 rapporteurs were responsible in documenting all seminars and showcases into a report that focuses on solutions, best practices, and ideas that brought up during the sessions. The report also provides room for reflections and recommendations based on rapporteurs’ backgrounds and experiences. Adryan personally considered the role as challenging since he was required to deliver the core messages from multiple sessions with different focuses, yet rewarding in terms of networking and gaining new knowledge related to international development in the water sector. Reflecting from the event, it is important to form a mindset on the critical role of water in addressing inequalities, ensure fairness, and foster partnership among all involved parties in the water sector. The mindset would be benefited in an increase of sensitivity to focus on a solution-based approach in research and consultancy work in think tanks with specialties in water and waste management, such as RDI.

Prepared by : Muhammad Adryan Sasongko