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RDI Involvement in The Digital Biogas Global Cooperation (DiBiCoo) Workshop in Argentina

As mandated by the DiBiCoo Consortium, local workshops in developing countries: Indonesia, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Argentina are designed to disseminate DiBiCoo project information to key local stakeholders in the field of biogas in each country. This includes but not limited to government entities, private investors, financial institutions and project developers. Other than that, the workshops are also meant to facilitate dialogue between local stakeholders in order to identify preliminary conditions for the implementation of large-scale biogas pilot projects in each developing countries.

RDI was represented by Program Manager Jeeten Kumar in the Argentina local workshop, conducted by our partner from INTA, Jorge Hilbert, assisted by his team of facilitators. the workshop drew over 50 participants from various professional backgrounds. This included public officials from national and sub-national governments, project developers and technology providers from the private sector, practitioners from the non-profit sector, entrepreneurs, plant technicians, and researchers. The workshop began with several presentations about the Dibicoo project delivered by Jorge and I. It was closely followed by presentations from Bioenergia and the renewable energy trade chamber which informed about current events related to biogas development in Argentina.

Breakout groups in session

After the presentations, participants were divided into 6 separate groups for a more focused discussion regarding different talking points that were determined beforehand with the help of the document prepared by Ichsan and Dibicoo team. To wrap up, a spokesperson from each group explained their conclusions.

Field visit to Tecsan in Buenos Aires

Aside from the workshop, INTA also conducted a field trip in the Argentina plans or Pampas, the country’s famed agricultural belt, to visit several biogas plants operating in the area. We visited cities like Pergamino, Rio Cuarto, Venado Tuerto, and Rosario in search of knowledge and insight about biogas project development and operations.

Visit to SOLAMB biogas and treatment plant in Rosario