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Long-term Impacts From Forest Fires Still Not A Concern

Date : 14 March 2017
Location : Bandung, Indonesia

RDI recently co-organized a national workshop on forest and land fires and its effects on child welfare especially in terms of haze, inviting various stakeholders at the national level which include representatives from the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and the President Staff Office, among others. The objective of the workshop was to find out what policies are in place at the national level, how they are implemented, and what kind of policies should be drafted in the future. Coming from the notion that a strong national legal framework will influence policies at the local level, this workshop hopes to find holes within the policy structure regarding forest fires and child welfare and ultimately for RDI to give recommendations to involved stakeholders in order to reduce the impact on children suffering from fires and haze in the long run. Full story by Kompas can be seen in the picture.