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Economics of Climate Change Adaptation Training Workshop

Muhammad Adryan Sasongko traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, to attend Economics of Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) Training held by Asian Institute of Technology(AIT) and supported by United Nations Development Programme on 26 February-9 March 2018. The workshop aimed to equip government officials and other stakeholders in the Asia and the Pacific region with economic tools necessary to identify, prioritize, design and implement climate-resilient projects and policies, formulate national adaptation plans and access climate finance for adaptation action. The training contents including; (1) Introduction to key economic principles and review of impacts of climate change in Asia and the Pacific, (2) Assessment of economic impacts of climate change, cost-benefit analysis of investment projects and climate-proofing options, and (3) Proposal development training. There were 22 practitioners and researchers from 15 countries in Asia and Pacific participating in the training. Sasongko worked with his fellow peers from Indonesia to draft a proposal in Climate Change Impacts Adaptation on Coffee Plantation Agroforestry, with proposed pilot project in Pangalengan area, West Java Province. This training was very useful on how to conduct economic analysis within various climate change adaptation scenarios, and also as one of opportunities for RDI and its researchers to develop networking ahead to conduct research across nations in Asia and Pacific region.

Picture 1. Durring Discussion

Picture 2. Group Photo