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Focused Group Discussions with Women Organizations in South Jakarta

In the course of Mid-term Review for Prevention+ Programme activity, RDI had the opportunity to meet and discuss with women organizations involved as partners of Rutgers WPF Indonesia. The discussion was held at Arimbi Pejaten Suites, South Jakarta, on 24 April 2018. The discussion was held to review programme’s implementation thus far, challenges, and strategies towards sustainability. The discussion is led by Resilience Development Initiative team (Dr. Saut Sagala, Dr. Elisabeth Dewi, and Yasmina Wulandari), with women organizations as participants among others Rutgers WPF Indonesia, Lembaga Advokasi Perempuan Damar, Rifka Annisa Women Crisis Center, and Rahima. The programme itself aims to reduce gender-based violence through involvement of men and women economic empowerment by promoting positive masculinity, equality, and non-violent values.

The discussion marks the end of data collecting activities for the review, whereas before this RDI team has done in-depth interviews and focused group discussions in Lampung province (Bandar Lampung City, Tanggamus District, East Lampung District), D. I. Yogyakarta province (Yogyakarta City, Kulon Progo District, Gunung Kidul District), and DKI Jakarta. Interviews were done to government institutions, universities, and other women organization.

Not only the discussion is beneficial towards gaining more insight and knowledge for the program review, but it also opened possibility for future partnership and opportunities especially for studies related to gender equality and women empowerment.