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Resilience Development Initiative [RDI] October-December Vol. 9-4

Admin - Jan 02, 2023 10:32:57 am 8 Views Location - RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)

We are pleased to inform you that RDI's Newsletter of 2022 (October - December) Vol. 9-4 has been published. 


Featured in this letter are several key RDI updates and activities:


  1. The Future is Public Transport, A Global and Local Campaign to Help the Climate Crisis
  2. REER Cluster to Showcase Its Commitment for Indonesia’s Cleaner  Energy
  3. The ASCEND Trial Simulation Workshop on Disaster Management Standards and Certification in ASEAN     
  4. Knowledge Sharing through ASIA Pacific conference on the Climate Change, Human Mobility, and Human Rights Nexus
  5. RDI proudly presents our new centers, PACE and CEGF
  6. RDI and BGS Research Partnership in Geological Hazards and Disaster Management
  7. Social Innovation Platform Phase 2 - Realize the Prototype into Real Life Actions
  8. RDI New Staffs:

    - Research Officer: Michael Hutahaean

    - Research Officer: Arief Rizky

    - Research Officer: Farijzal Arrafisena 

    - Research Officer: Nailah 

    - Research Officer:  Rahma Aulia Zahra 

    - Research Officer: Priskila Agatha Sulaiman 

    - Finance and Admin Staff: Rizkha Pamela June

  9. Voice of Members from Wieka Dzurriyah Nur (Senior Research Fellow), dr. Aly Diana (Research Fellow), Priskila Agatha Sulaiman (Staff)
  10. Announcement:

     Renewable Energy and Emission Reduction Cluster 

    March - 2023 | RDFact Capacity Building#1: Climate Literacy Improvement 

    · Water and Waste Management 

    January - February 2023 | Online and offline workshop: Plastic Used in Agriculture 

    · CEGF 

    Policy Brief Competition for Alternative Financing for Indonesia’s Sustainable Development. - Presentation and Coaching Sessions - Campaign Period 

    · Watch our most updated cluster profile playlist:

  11. New partnership: Centre for Strategic Energy and Resources
  12. Renewal MoU: Coventry University


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