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Resilience Development Initiative [RDI] April-June Vol. 6-2

Date : 02 July 2019
Location : RDI Office (Bandung, Indonesia)

Dear RDI Collegues,
I am pleased to inform you that RDI’s Newsletter of 2019 (April-June) Vol. 6-2 has been published.

Featured in this letter are several key RDI updates and activities:
1. Bioenergy Networking and Conference at Botanical Garden, London
RDI, represented by two senior research fellows: Dr. Saut Sagala and Dr. Yudha Prambudia attended a conference hosted by Leeds University which took place in Kew Botanical Garden, London on June 27 2019. The title of the conference is “Plant Power: Bioenergy as a renewable resource” and it is conducted in line with the renewable energy project led by Leeds University (Energy Leeds). In this event, knowledge exhanges were done between the attendees and several research ideas for the future have been discussed.

2. Bandung Seismic Cities Roundtable & Bandung Seismic Cities Exhibition
On 30th April 2019, RDI and Coventry University held the Seismic Cities Roundtable Meeting in Orbital Galeri Bandung, Indonesia in parallel with the Bandung Seismic Cities Exhibition. The 2-week exhibition and series of events were aimed at increasing the awareness and preparedness of communities in Bandung, Indonesia—which also highlights the important role of art expression to communicate risk and earthquake hazard. Furthermore, a roundtable was also conducted and several key stakeholders attended the event: BPBD West Java Province, representatives from the fire department, the Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (FPRB), Indonesia Bhadra Utama Foundation (IBU Foundation), and SOS Children.

3. Asia Clean Energy Forum 2019
Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF 2019) was held by Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, from 17th—21st June 2019. The 5-day event drew more than 1.600 participants from 78 countries. This event was attended by two researchers from RDI: Director, Elisabeth Rianawati, and Grant Officer, Teresa Retno Arsanti.

4. MoU Signing Between Lancaster University and RDI
Representatives from Lancaster University and Directors of RDI signed the Memoran-dum of Understanding for research purposes on 20th June 2019. RDI Senior Fellow, Dr. Saut Sagala visited Lancaster from 19-21 June as a follow-up visit by LU researchers Dr. Christine Mortimer and Dr. Maria Alejandra Lujan Escalante who visited RDI in February 2019. This collaboration calls for greater research
on traditional knowledge and disaster risk reduction, with plans to delve into regions like Indonesia, UK and SEA.

5. Voice of Members
Voice of Members features:

  • Alpian Angga Pratama (RDI Staff) regarding his experience in a training program hosted by Indonesian National Space Agency.

  • Dr. Nino Viartasiwi (RDI Senior Research Fellow) regarding her experience in a Migration and Health workshop on April 2019 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • Laura Van Tinteren (RDI Intern from Rijks Universiteit Groningen) regarding her time in RDI as an intern, and challenges in conducting her thesis/working paper on Public Helath and Community Resilience in Palu As always, RDI is happy to receive any updates from you and to carry out any potential collaborations.

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