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Palu Earthquake


This page is part of RDI’s disaster and climate resilience cluster which is dedicated to record the knowledge management regarding the disastrous earthquake and subsequent tsunami that have hit Palu, Central Sulawesi of Indonesia. inflicting fatalities, injuries and damages to the physical and natural environment along with its inhabitants. Thanks to our network of partners who helped provide the data we tried to process and elaborate on, to provide information to the readers about the occurrence of an earthquake in Palu, the impacts and losses that occured, the handling efforts, assessments and progress that have been made to rehabilitate and rebuild.

It’s hoped that our findings could bring light to understand perspectives about earthquake and tsunami which is really important, what lessons are learned to deal with them in good preparation to reduce the risks, and what we need to be aware in emergency response settings. This finding will be published on our website as additional information for individuals and institutions.

Resilience and the Palu Tsunami

Figure 1. Courtesy of Liputan 6

The recent devastating disasters that befell our home soil, specifically Palu and Donggala, have affected countless lives and continue to inflict unimaginable trauma and grief. As a global think tank that operates, among others, in the fie...

Principal Investigators: