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admin 33 Views 2022 Evaluation Study Consultancy

Consultant for Program Impact Assessment Habitat for Humanity Indonesia (HFH-Id) Projects

Team Leader :

Arwin Soelaksono


Team Member :

Miranti Husein, Dr. Ayu KrishnaAlpian Angga PratamaMedhiansyah Putra Prawira, Gabriella Laurencia


Location :



Source of Funding :

Habitat for Humanity Indonesia (HFHI) 



With the growing program portfolio and opportunities that are emerging, Habitat intends to describe the extent of change influenced by these programs through close examination of evidence and determine ways to improve program quality. Currently, National Offices (NO) have been able to collect and report data in terms of activities and outputs, however, they have varying practices in understanding outcomes and impact, if any, influenced by Habitat’s work.
Habitat requires countries to report the progress of their work periodically (quarterly) according to a set of metrics that are defined by Habitat globally. These are, however, standardized at output levels at the moment. Collecting and analyzing evidence about the outcomes of Habitat’s work would help clarify and reinforce promising similar initiatives the NOs are doing and hopefully help re-inform future program design, monitoring, and evaluation.]


Aims and Objectives:

- To identify the significant impact of housing projects experienced by the communities and the evidence supporting these project contribution claims.

- To explore the lessons learned, opportunities, and challenges Habitat and various actors face in achieving the projects’ objectives in all locations including Bitung (North Sulawesi), Babakan Madang (Bogor), Mauk (Tangerang), Tuksono (Yogyakarta), Wringin Anom (Gresik), Donggala (Central Sulawesi), Mamuju (West Sulawesi).

- To identify policy and advocacy implications that can be documented related to project sustainability.

- To elaborate partnership contributions during project implementation and while using the project outputs (housing, settlements, and capacity development).

- To use study findings to develop a program grand design in 4 cluster areas (Mauk, Babakan Madang, Sentolo, and Wringinanom)

- To review and develop recommendations to Habitat Indonesia for the 8 steps of housing project implementation. 

- To develop a new process/step for settlement project implementation such as water, sanitation, and community facilities projects. 



- Desk and Literature Review

- In-Depth Interview

- Focus Group Discussion

- Household Survey

- Direct Observation

- Outcome Harvesting Approach



- Content Analysis

- Coding Method Analysis

- Quantitative Descriptive Analysis

- FCR Mechanism

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