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admin 235 Views 2021 Midline Study Consultancy

The Indonesia Climate and Disaster Resilient Communities (ICDRC)

Researcher : 

Medhiansyah Putra

Team Member : 

Suryani AminAyu KrishnaAmesta Ramadhani


The Indonesia Climate and Disaster Resilient Communities (ICDRC) Project supports vulnerable rural and urban communities, especially women, in Indonesia by increasing Climate Resilient Sustainable Livelihoods (CRSL), preparedness response and adaptive capacity to disasters, and enabling inclusive DRM systems. The goal of the project is that by 2022, Vulnerable rural and urban communities in Indonesia to realize their rights and improve their well-being despite shocks, stresses and uncertainty.

ICDRC Project have three outcomes focus on increasing the uptake and effectiveness of climate resilient sustainable livelihoods, using comprehensive community-based climate-smart disaster risk management to build climate and disaster resilience, and support Oxfam partners to influence national government and decision-makers systems and practices to be resilient, inclusive, and respond to the needs and priorities of vulnerable communities, especially women.

The midline study designed to identify the achievement from two years of implementation and provide concrete recommendation for the project improvement in Y5 of implementation.

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