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ASCEND Toolboxes Development for 5 (five) Professions

Team Leader :

Dr. Jonatan Lassa, Dr. Saut Sagala, Angelo Paolo Trias Luna, Arwin Soelaksono, Faizal Thamrin, Yogi Mahendra


Team Member :

Ananda Prabu D A, Sharfina Ulfah, Gabriella Laurencia Liman, Nadhifa E


Location :

Indonesia, ASEAN


The AHA Centre – through funding from the Republic of Korea and in collaboration with the Korean National Fire Agency (KNFA) – is leading the implementation of the three-year ASEAN Standards and Certification for Experts in Disaster Management (ASCEND) project. The purpose of ASCEND is to create a regionally recognized certification system for disaster management professions. It aims to promote higher standards and quality in disaster management in the ASEAN region. The project is also expected to assist in identifying and developing competent disaster managers across Southeast Asia that are highly capable of contributing to regional efforts to reduce disaster risks and disaster losses in the region through timely and effective response.


A set of technical requirements must exist to implement the ASCEND project in identified ASEAN countries. One of them is the ASCEND Toolboxes Development for 5 (five) Professions: Humanitarian Logistics, Rapid Assessment, Information Management, Shelter Management, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).


RDI suggests adopting a three-stage iterative approach and employing mixed-methods for developing the ASCEND Toolboxes for 5 (five) professions. RDI technical consultancy team is developing ASCEND Toolboxes around training curriculum design principles that are evidence-supported, policy-aligned, practitioner-oriented, and contextually-relevant.

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