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MSME Resilience Backround Study

Team Leader :

Dr. Saut Sagala


Team Member :

Belia Ega AvilaIndah Cahyaning SariWewin Wira C.W


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"MSMEs also become one of the affected groups when there is a disaster. Their business activities and continuity are more vulnerable to natural hazards than larger firms. It is because they operate their business in sub-optimal locations, small and financially weaker, limited access and markets (usually local markets), and lack of DRR knowledge. Their capacity in handling disaster also is very limited and weak since they only have fewer strategies compared to a large firm.


MSMEs is one of the groups that should be strengthened from an economic perspective when a disaster occurs. Integrating a disaster resilience approach to the short and long-term strategies of MSME is crucial in order to accelerate the recovery of the economic system so that it can return to its-pre shocked condition. In Indonesia, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) is one of the sectors affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the impact was a decline in income of 84.20%, while at the same time, the revenue of the Medium-Large Enterprise fell by 82.29%. Integrating resilience to MSMEs via policies and regulations are required to strengthen Indonesia's economy. Thus, a backround study MSME resilience is needed for to acheive this aim. "


Aims and Objective:

Develop a backround study on various opportunities, issues, and challenges on improving MSME resilience. The backround study will be used as a basis to inform the formulation of Indonesia's Mid-term National Development Plan



The backround study is done by conducting a literature review on MSME resilience and what should be addressed and focused on. The literature review will not only cover academic literature, but also examines the legal and regulatory landscape as well as related strategic plans. The study will also include case studies on how MSMEs were able to recover, withstand, absorb and adapt to shocks and stresses. The background study is done in Indonesia"


Expected Result: A backround study on "MSME Resilience"

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