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admin 42 Views 2022 Policy Advisory and Campaign Manager Consultancy

The Future is Public Transport - Jakarta Campaign

Team Leader :

Dr. Elisabeth Rianawati


Team Member :

Dhimas Bayu AninditoAnnisaa Indrarini, Hana Amini, Suryani Amin, Martha Verena


Location :



Source of Funding :



Background :

The pandemic has left the viability of some public transport systems in question due to reduced ridership and cuts to city budgets. The campaign was designed with ITF to demonstrate support for public transport as an essential service that underpins climate action and creates jobs and to assist mayors in securing additional support for mass transit and sustainable transport from targeted national and regional governments.  


Aims and Objectives :

 - Develop a targeted campaign in Jakarta to support city climate action and just transition at the local level

 - Leverage Jakarta’s leadership of U20 and Indonesia’s G20 Presidency to influence countries on supporting and resourcing public transport as a climate and equity solution

- Develop sustainable funding principles to support cities facing budget challenges on public transport

- Showcase successful sustainable transport climate action at the global level, inspiring others  


Methodology :

- Data collection

- Desk and literature review


- in-depth interview


Data analysis :

- Content analysis

- Coding method analysis

- Advocacy Strategy analysis

- Audience mapping

- Landscape analysis 


Expected Results : 

The need to collectively double public transport journeys in cities by 2030 and advance a just transition to zero-emission public transport in order to stay on the 1.5 track remains at the forefront of the campaign. There is an opportunity to cement public transport as a key part of green and just recovery through Indonesia G20 and Jakarta’s leadership of U20. 4Furthemore, there is a need to work on public opinion to make public transport popular as an economic, social, health, and climate solution and a good alternative to private vehicles; and to bring public transport more into the climate movement agenda as a key game-changing factor

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