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Study on Disaster Insurance Readiness in Indonesia

Team Leader :

Dr. Saut Sagala


Team Member :

Alpian Pratama, M.Sc


Location :



Source of Funding :

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)


Reflecting on the need to strengthen the national disaster financing strategy, also by leveraging UNDP’s network and expertise in this field, the GoI has the potential to initiate the development of a disaster risk insurance program in Indonesia, particularly for key public assets, in partnership with the insurance industry. As the initial step, UNDP in collaboration with Indonesia National Board for Disasters Management (BNPB) will conduct a policy study, to further identify and assess the enabling and inhibiting factors as well as to provide a basis for policy recommendations and alternatives in the development of disaster risk insurance, catered to the Indonesian context.


Serve as the basis for necessary policy recommendations and alternatives in the development disaster risk insurance scheme in Indonesia

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