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Review of Resilience Impact Assessment

Team Leader :

Dr. Ramanditya Wimbardana


Location :

Global South Countries


Source of Funding :




GRP hosts the Resilience Knowledge Coalition, a “network of networks” co-led by the Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD). Its purpose is: To get the best knowledge and practice on resilience used to shape policies, plans and investments to deliver a resilient future. The coalition has three functions - Collaborate, Connect and Apply. It is through the Apply function that the coalition supports GRP’s role as a curator of resilience evidence and lessons from and beyond its own programming and managed investments.


Aims and Objectives:

A key aim of the study is to identify resilience solutions that have an attributable impact in order to connect them with investors to amplify their results.


Expected results:

The review will cover the time period 2000-2022 and shall cover both peer-reviewed and grey literature. The data is to be collected following the GRP Resilience Platform Evidence and Tools form to facilitate the import of the data onto the platform. This review aims to update and add to the following study: Global Resilience Partnership (2019). Case study: Examples of effective resilience programming. GRP: Stockholm. The study will review impact assessments already identified and uploaded onto the platform and will complement this with impact assessments that the 2019 study missed (as it was based on self-reporting) through a literature review.

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