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Sustainable Business Model for Renewable Energy Development in Sumba Island Rural Areas

Team Leader : 

Dr.Niken Prilandita (ITB Indonesia)


Team Member : 

Dr.Saut Sagala (RDI Indonesia)




This study will identify and analyze the relation of having a good business model and a sustainable renewable energy system. The results of this study are expected to give clear strategies for government and private sector in implementing a sustainable renewable energy project for communities that are especially not connected with main grid by implementing the best practice of sustainable business model.

This research shall act as the novel research in which business models in Sumba based on our findings of 4 types of O&M are being analyzed through the Business Model Canvas. Utilizing this analysis, this research could propose robust identification of problems and produce solutions on these problems to recommend improvement of the existing business model in East Sumba. This research could be very useful for all stakeholders and actors who might have the interest to develop the renewable energy business in Sumba Island.



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