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Examining Identity and Belonging of Youth Descendants of Japanese-Indonesian International Marriages Living in Japan and Indonesia: A Comparison


Dr. Nino Viartasiwi and Rizkita Mardea Nurdiandra


Indonesia, Japan


One of RDI Urban Refugee team, Dr. Nino Viartasiwi (RDI Senior Research Fellow), has successfully secure a grant to conduct research project with the theme of identity and belonging of young people who are the descendants of an international marriage between Japanese and Indonesians couples. The research compares the situation of youths living in Japan and youths living in Indonesia. It scrutinizes youth's identity formation, identity admission, and their sense of belonging to uncover and to understand their struggles in negotiating identities, why they incline to certain communities/societies/countries, and the reason behind any resistance. The study explores youth's subjectivity and agency as they embrace, resist, navigate, and negotiate their identity and belonging in knitted social structures and complex cultural schemes in their society. The team investigate how those youths negotiate their heritages with their actual environment and how they manage to form affiliations concerning their two background cultures. The aim of the research is to understand identity formation of youths with multicultural background who lived in a relatively homogenous society while being exposed to global culture (such as via the Internet). The study utilizes descriptive analysis with interpretive and critical perspectives to provide a contextual analysis in making a comparison between the children of Japanese-Indonesian mixed marriage couples who are living in Japan and those who are living in Indonesia. The comparison is used to reveal whether a different environment will encourage different choice and influence distinctive behaviour on youths with the same problems. The study will use the qualitative method with 30 youth's respondent: 15 persons living in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto), 15 persons living in Indonesia (Jakarta, Denpasar, and Surabaya). Also, discussions with experts on Japanese identity and youth development is included to understand specific issues on the matter.




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