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"Is it possible to achieve net-zero transport emission in Jakarta by 2050?" An Explanatory Collaborative Planning

Team Leader :

Dr. Ramanditya WimbardanaDr. Elisabeth RianawatiNadiya Pranindita, M.Eng






DKI Jakarta government committed to realizing sustainable transportation by establishing low emission zones and electrifying public transportation, starting with Trans Jakarta buses. However, the efforts needed not only focusing on reducing emissions but also its absorption potential. This research will response the issues regarding emission reduction and absorption for transportation in DKI Jakarta towards net-zero transport emissions.


The main objective of this research is to develop recommendations for behavior transformation actions and mobility policies to achieve zero-emissions transportation. This research intends to respond to two things, namely the problems faced by DKI Jakarta and the current direction of transportation development, through exploration of the potential efforts that Jakarta needs to make to achieve zero net emissions transportation. Not only is it limited to the exploration of electrification of motor vehicles, but also reviews how these efforts and other complementary efforts contribute to achieving net zero emissions.



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