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Children Rights

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Child rights need to be protected by government and incorporated into national and policy frameworks. Government need to provide basic right for children such as health, education, and protection. Government did not work alone but need involvement of individuals, civil society, non-profit organization, even private sector to maintain and manage this service to delivered well. However, in implementation, there are many aspects that challenge for this right could be receive by children particularly for developing countries like Indonesia.

As developing countries Indonesia face inequality for rural and city area, or western and eastern part of Indonesia. Poverty and inequality could be a problem for children that limit them to some basic rights. Every country has its own mix in involvement to protect and fulfill the children rights. In Indonesia with decentralization approach for governance, each province has its own priorities for development with no exception in protecting to child rights. Therefore, this study tried to analyzed how government in local and national level protect the children right particularly for area with large population of marginalized people and how they prioritized the child rights protection with their budgeting and programs.

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  • Carvalho, A., Pratama, A. A., & Rianawati, E. (2016). The most effective Social Protection measures for building resilience in children in the face of natural disasters in the Cianjur District. |  Download

On-going Project :

  • Child Situational Analysis - Investment in Children for Excluded Ones in Papua and East Java Province. Funded by Save The Children
  • Rapid Risk Assessment on Community Based Mechanism in integrating Child and Family Resilience with Social Protection in every Humanitarian Action in Cianjur District, West Java

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