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Creating Resilience Sustainable Microgrids through Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Team Members : 

  • Prof. Jon Lovett, Prof. Peter Taylor, Dr. Johannes Schiffer, Dr. Petros Aristidou, Prof. Jenny Jones, Dr. Valerie Dupont, Dr. Hu Li, Dr. Andrew Ross, Dr. Rolf Crook

Resilience Development Initiative :

Sources of Funding :

  • Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)


This study focuses on energy distribution in off-grid communities with a population of around 4000 inhabitants, a size which has been recommended by our African project partners as being the practical optimum for implementation. The research has an integrated approach to ensure that the design of the system is maintainable, has good longevity with low cost, meets diverse community energy needs and is resilient to natural hazards. The overall goal is to enable the development of sustainable and resilient energy distribution grids in rural communities of the low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). We will achieve this by designing a scalable low-cost microgrid infrastructure based on a novel planning methodology that incorporates real-time operational strategies and sustainable generation flexibility at the system design stage to reduce the investment requirements and increase sustainability. The microgrid paradigm will ensure that the research outcomes are also applicable to communities with sporadic grid connections.

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