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Comprehensive Study of Settlement Micro Climate as Mitigation for Urban Heat Island

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The rapid pace of urbanization is viewed to contribute to the disfiguring rise of settlements on increasingly rare and expensive plots of land. These organic settlements, derived from poorly planned land use, are directly linked to the area's infrastructure vulnerability and its environmental decline. Dense buildings which cover the area surfaces forms a micro climate, leads to significant increase in local temperatures and potential for urban heat island.

We will attempt to comprehensively address the rise in local temperatures caused by an increasingly dense population in a metropolitan city in order to disseminate micro climate as a possible mitigation tool towards urban heat island. Specifically, it aims to bring light to how the characteristics of the physical environment may contribute to the area's micro climate.

Primary data is derived from temperature measurements in 6 pre-determined spots in Bandung. Fixed weather stations and mobile data will produce a micro climate area map that will be analyzed to determine the potential for urban heat island. Furthermore, analysis could provide the basis model for physical restructuring of an area that could prove useful for the city government in managing high density settlements and mitigating disasters.

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