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Regional and Urban Policy

RUP is cluster focuses on assessments on regional and urban policy studies. This cluster is chaired by Dr. Ari Tarigan. Also RUP have a new RDI’s research on urban studies (Citypedia) For further information or inquiry regarding research cluster, please contact Danang Azhari.
2019 (0)
2018 (1)
  • Does pedestrian environment promote walkability? Auditing the pedestrian environment using the Pedestrian Environmental Data Scan instrument |2018| Download
2017 (4)
  • Empowering Urban Stakeholders Capacity for Governing Low Emission Development through Transnational Municipal Networks: A Case Study of Bogor City, Indonesia |2017| Download
  • The Role of Incentives Towards Adolescents’ Commitment to Use Public Transport in Malaysia |2017| Download
  • Medan City: Development and Governance under the Decentralisation Era |2017| Download
  • Implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructure in Cianjur District for Disaster Risk Management Purposes |2017| Download
2016 (4)
  • Evaluating Bus Transit Stop Locations for Work Trip Joourney in the City of Buffalo New York |2016| Download
  • Analysis of correlations between psychological factors and self-reported behavior of motorcyclists in Malaysia, depending on self-reported usage of different types of motorcycle facility |2016| Download
  • Balikpapan: Urban planning and development in anticipation of the post-oil industry era |2016| Download
  • How Can Green Infrastructure Serve as Adaptation Option in Low Land Areas? Case Study Adaptation Option Scenario in Makassar City, Indonesia |2016| Download
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Related Research
  • Comprehensive Study of Settlement Micro Climate as Mitigation for Urban Heat Island
    DIKTI (2018)
  • Transportation Online: Perception on Transportation on Line in Urban Area
    Resilience Development Initiative (2017)
  • ICT-Empowered Participation in Planning Process (Case Study: e-Musrenbang in Bandung City)
    Resilience Development Initiative (2017)
  • Spatial Model of Wetlands Change and Increasing of Flood Events in Urban Area of Palembang. (Model Spasial Perubahan Alih Fungsi Lahan Basah dan Peningkatan Kejadian Bencana Banjir di Wilayah Perkotaan Palembang)
    ITB Research Grant (2014)